Why choose $DINO?

For $DINO? The participants are offered a wealth of interactive and economic opportunities

🟢 Meme Time Machine: Using time machine technology on Binance Smart Chain (BSC), we enable you to make your mark in the annals of meme history.
🟢 Jurassic Park: Hold a $DINO grant to enter our gaming realm, where you face primitive creatures, dig for treasure, and embark on an exhilarating fantasy journey.
🟢 Community passion :$DINO's community reflects an ancient tribe that unites the most fervent crypto explorers to shape a new era of memes.


$DINO Token Economics

$DINO Token economy model

$DINO Business partner

$DINO Route map

First stage

  • Officially launched at the Pancake Exchange
  • Complete audit and KYC
  • Twitter KOL Promotion Program
  • Virtual land auction begins
  • CMC and CG
  • Binance AMA Promotion

Second stage

  • More than 10,000 community members
  • Limited Edition $DINO NFT released
  • Unlock new virtual land
  • Airdrop awards
  • $DINO Price skyrocketing
  • Enable DAO mode management

Third stage

  • $DINO listed on major exchanges
  • NFT trading market launch
  • Mining game starts
  • Combined with artificial intelligence technology
  • Create a virtual social platform

Stage 4

  • $DINO Metaverse formation
  • Community users over 50w
  • Development of NFT equity pool
  • Launch Binance Exchange
  • Set up 3D lab
  • Continuous development and continuous improvement

$DINO The value and application of

  • Social Media:

    $DINO has official accounts on various social media platforms (such as Weibo, wechat, etc.), regularly publishes project updates and activity information, and strengthens the interaction with community members. At the same time, we actively pay attention to the feedback and suggestions of community members on social media in order to continuously improve and refine the project.

  • Offline Activities:

    $DINO regularly hosts offline events (such as developer conferences, workshops, etc.) to provide an opportunity for community members to meet and learn face to face. Through offline activities, community members can deepen their understanding of the project, expand their network resources, and grow together.

  • Reward Mechanism:

    In order to motivate community members to actively participate and contribute to the community, $DINO has set up a reward system. For example, we set up a Top Contributor leaderboard, which ranks community members based on their performance in forum posts, social media interactions, etc., and the top members receive $DINO tokens. In addition, we set up a Bug bounty program to encourage community members to find and report issues in the project and contribute to project security.

  • Multiple encryption algorithm:

    $DINO uses multiple encryption algorithms to protect user assets, ensuring the security of assets even in extreme circumstances.